Moothon 2018

Moothon is an upcoming Indian bilingual film written and directed by Geetu Mohandas, starring Nivin Pauly in the lead role. It also stars Shashank Arora. It's Geethu Mohan Das' first feature length project in Malayalam as a director.

The Quake 2018

Geologist Kristian Eikjord and family was traumatized but survived The Wave in 2015. When they 3 years later move to the Norwegian capital Oslo, they experience another earth shattering event. They are safe from tsunamis, but not from earthquakes.

Ranam 2018

The movie narrates the story of the Indian immigrant community in Detroit, where a garage mechanic gets unwillingly involved in the criminal world as a getaway driver.

Nancy 2018

Nancy becomes increasingly convinced she was kidnapped as a child. When she meets a couple whose daughter went missing thirty years ago, reasonable doubts give way to willful belief.

Patrick 2018

Sarah Francis is a young woman whose life is a bit of a mess. The last thing she needs is someone else to look after, let alone someone who dribbles, snores and eats from the kitchen trash. Yet, like it or not, her grandmother has left Sarah her prized possession, a very spoilt pug named Patrick. Surely she must have had her reasons?! Apparently not, as this four-legged friend proceeds to cause chaos in all aspects of Sarah’s life. But then something remarkable happens as Patrick, with all his stubby, stumpy attitude, begins to turn her life around.

Sauvage 2018

Leo is 22 and sells his body on the street for a bit of cash. The men come and go, and he stays right here... longing for love. He doesn’t know what the future will bring. He hits the road. His heart is pounding.

Adulthood 2018

At her dad's funeral, Kyungun meets her uncle Jaemin, a complete stranger. He bilks her father's insurance money. She demands her money back, but he unashamedly refuses. To get her money back, she joins his next scam.

I Dream in Another Language 2018

A millenary language agonizes: Its last two speakers, Evaristo and Isauro (70´s) had a quarrel 50 years ago and haven't spoken to each other since. Martin, a linguist, will undertake the challenge of bringing the two old friends back together and convince them to talk again in order for him to be able to obtain a record of the language. Yet, hidden in the past, in the core of the jungle, lies a secret hidden in the language that makes it difficult to believe that the heart of Zikril will beat again.

The Silence 2018

The Story of a family struggling to survive in a world terrorized by a deadly, primeval species who have bred for decades in the pitch darkness of a vast underground cave system, hunting only with their acute hearing. As the family seeks refuge in a remote haven where they can wait out the invasion, they start to wonder what kind of world will remain when they're ready to emerge.

Mirai 2018

The movie follows a 4-year old boy who is struggling to cope with the arrival of a little sister in the family until things turn magical. A mysterious garden in the backyard of the boy's home becomes a gateway allowing the child to travel back in time and encounter his mother as a little girl and his great-grandfather as a young man. These fantasy-filled adventures allow the child to change his perspective and help him become the big brother he was meant to be.

Woman Who Eats 2018

Story follows the daily lives of 8 women with different backgrounds, including Atsuko Mochitsuki (Kyoko Koizumi), through what they eat and whom they date. --asianwiki

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