Come Down to a Lower Place 1982

Yo-han is the son of a Christian minister. Following his father's career, he joins the seminary without much enthusiasm, then drops out. After doing his military service as a KATUSA, he teaches at the U.S. educational center. When he is given a job teaching in America, he hastily marries in preparation for the move. He is suddenly struck blind, then begins contemplating suicide. Instead he has a religious vision and dedicates himself to the ministry, and opens a church for the blind.

A Place For Everyone

'A Place for Everyone' explores the human geography of a Rwandan village two decades after the genocide. Survivors and killers still live next to each other and a new generation of young Rwandans has grown up in a society that under goes a fragile reconciliation process. Filmed over the course of more than four years, 'A Place for Everyone' provides an intimate portray of two young Rwandans, a girl of the survivors group and a boy of the killers group, in their quest for love and hate, revenge and forgiveness.

Elalini (Place of Rest)

A 30 minute narrative film. Winner of 'Best Foreign Film' at the 33rd Student Academy Awards. Nomakaya, a policewoman, haunted by the memory of the death of a boy and she must decide between the city she lives in and her rural home when her own child needs protecting. Her father, now too weak to look after him, travels to Johannesburg to convince her to return. It is through a street kids, Moses, that she is able to forgive, and resume her responsibilities as a mother.

Gathering Place 1988

Four Inuit families build a qaggiq, a large communal igloo, to mark the approach of spring with singing and games. A young man woos a girl but her parents are in disagreement over whether he shall get to marry her.

Jean Michel Jarre: Place De La Concorde 1979

Place De La Concorde was Jean Michel Jarre's first concert, held on July 14, 1979, celebrating the Bastille Day. One million spectators attended this concert, setting up a new record for Jean-Michel to the Guinness Book of Records.

No Place Like on the Road

Nándi, a wannabe music composer returns to his rural hometown in Hungary after 7 years of abortive wandering. His stay is temporary waiting for a work visa to New Zealand. Meanwhile he goes through a series of encounters that act as mirrors to him, forcing him to come to terms with his life.

A Place Called Okavango 1993

Meet the MacKenzies, an ordinary American family that has extraordinary adventures when they travel to Africa to oversee a game preserve they've inherited. Michele Scarabelli, Steve Kanaly and Wayne Crawford star in this exciting family drama filmed in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia. While trying to settle into their new life, the family gets embroiled in a conflict between the government and a tribe over an ancient burial site.

All the Wrong Places

Marisa has never achieved the success of her mother, a famous figure in the art world. And that's led her on a monumental search for new artistic outlets (as well as quite a few hours spent on the therapist's couch). But when she meets Paul, a shy neighbor who's having the same problems, it could be love at first sight. Or maybe just a case of misery loving a little company.

In the Gutter and Other Good Places 1993

In the gutter and other good places The award winning film documentary In the gutter and other good places by Christine Richey is a multi-spectral view of three Calgary dumpster diving bottle pickers. The film traverses the ordinarily drawn stereotype of the homeless "pickers" of Calgary, and provides another compassionate standpoint on the choices and circumstances that have embodied their current predicament. Richey selects three very different street people for her story all with their unique backgrounds. Challenging assumptions about street people and their image to society, we are introduced first of all

The Goo Goo Dolls: Live in Alaska: Music in High Places

Talk about unique adventure series -- this one takes top recording artists to the four corners of the globe and features exciting acoustic performances set against the backdrop of some of the most intriguing natural locations on Earth. Follow the Goo Goo Dolls as they discover the culture, history and spirituality of Alaska. Songs include: "Black Balloon," "Acoustic #3" and "Broadway."

James Baldwin from Another Place

This short finds James Baldwin in Istanbul musing about race, the American fascination with sexuality, insights into his interrupted writing decade in the country, the generosity of the Turks, and how being in another country, in another place, forces one to re-examine well-established attitudes about modern society.

Losing Sight of A Longed Place

Adam Wan, a homosexual young man who grown up in Hong Kong, trying hard to fight for rights of LGBT community, realising difficulties when achieving such goal, including conflicts with his father. He found frustration with his surroundings, thinking about how everything ended up in current societal situation. He begins to re-examine the society he lives in, his family, himself.

1967: A People Kind of Place

In 1967, the Canadian Centennial Committee named St. Paul the “The Centennial Star” on account of the quantity, quality, and originality of the small town's year-long celebratory activity; namely, the decision to build the world’s first "UFO Landing Pad." This oval-shaped platform constructed in cement was an idea translated into architectural form, a metaphorical welcoming of all people--including "aliens"--to the nation. In this way, the UFO landing pad functions as a symbol for Canada's increasing emphasis on hospitality, tolerance, diversity, and unity at that point in history. T Producer and Director: Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen & Editor: Marc Ripper

Michael Jackson - A Place With No Name

"A Place with No Name" is a song by American singer Michael Jackson. A 24-second snippet of the full song was released posthumously by website on July 16, 2009, three weeks after the singer's death. The full version leaked online on December 3, 2013.[1] The track resembles "A Horse with No Name", a hit song by rock band America. At the time of the leak, America stated that they were "honored" that Michael Jackson chose to sample their work.

Place Mattes 1988

Place Mattes explores the space between reaching and touching. Animation and optical printing are used to create travelling mattes for places, confounding the difference between eternal and internal.

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