Starting Place 1994

In this film from late in his career, Kramer returns to Hanoi after nearly 25 years to re-envision the city’s struggle through an uncertain and daunting past, present, and future. The Vietnamese characters in the film are diverse: Kramer’s former guide from an earlier visit in 1969; a tight-rope walker in the national circus; a man who took photos of B-52s and another who lost his fingers shooting them down.

Toy Place 2014

Toyland apparently does exist. A toy museum in Vermont houses nearly 100,000 toys with the goal of creating a space for people to remember the worry-free days of their childhood. This short documentary will enrapture viewers with nostalgia and newfound curiosity.

Lonely Place 2004

A menacing farmhand worms his way between a husband and wife on an old peach farm.

Right Place 2005

It is the story of a compulsive Japanese worker obsessed with order; for everything there is a site, but he realizes that he can not finds his site.

Babes in Arms 1939

Mickey Moran, son of two vaudeville veterans, decide to put up his own vaudeville show with his girlfriend Patsy Barton. But child actress Rosalie wants to make a comeback and replace Patsy both professionally and as Mickey's girl.

There is a Place 2016

Carlos has lived for years remote from the site near the sea where he and his family grew by an aversion to the figure of his father. When he dies, Carlos returns to face his disappearance in a way to reconnect with a part of his past that seems lost.

Time and Place 2014

When scientists reveal the universe has stopped expanding, and will soon begin to contract, time collapses for one man. Things lose their meaning, and moral boundaries seem absurd. 'TIME AND PLACE' is a low-budget epic in which one man has to come to terms with the consequences of his actions, knowing that some day all that surrounds him will cease to exist.

A Place in the Caribbean 2017

Gael travels to the Island of Roatan to finish his last novel and finds love at first sight. Sofia and her father missed their cruise and are forced to stay in the wonderful island. Three love stories around this magical place.

Place Under the Sun 1979

A dreaded sickness destroys Karen Viljoen life as rich man's wife. She is diagnosed as leprous. While Karen is in the Westford hospital with her sickness, her husband Otto finds solace with his secretary. To top it all Karen's son is taken away from her. Her doctor, Tertius Louw, intervenes just in time.

Wrong Time Wrong Place 2012

On 22 July 2011, a bomb attack in the centre of Oslo and a shooting spree on the island Utoya took the lives of 77 people. It was the senseless, brutal act of one man: Anders Breivik. WRONG TIME WRONG PLACE tells the story of 5 individuals who were present then and shows the role of coincidence in this tragedy. A sequence of small, trivial happenings marks the thin line between life and death. Two minutes earlier or later can be of decisive importance. WRONG TIME WRONG PLACE is a film about the bargain with fate. However much one tries to influence fate, in the end coincidence calls the shots.

At The Wrong Place 2011

Four friends are reunited in a night that is moved by a game of lies and truth with unexpected consequences. This movie is based on the theatrical play “Eutro” directed by Rodrigo Fischer.

All Over The Place 2017

Jimena's ex-boyfriend now lives in their old place with his new girlfriend. She still has the keys and things to tell him. She goes in when no one is there because it just feels normal. Mariana Sanguinetti creates an ode to intimacy and closure, with humour and a big heart. - IFFR

The Place of Oblivion

Aura, Juan, and Evaristo live in San Antonio del Querer, an old town that nobody remembers and nobody comes back to. Aura will try to leave her town and look for a new life elsewhere. She will tries to convince her father and grandfather to leave with her and save them from fading into oblivion.

Another Time Another Place 2009

Sang-wu is from a small village near Mount Jiri. After finishing high school and college at Jeonju, now a man in his 30s, he works as a stage producer. The film depicts his life through three episodes: his youth, his final year in college, and his present-day situation. At each point he faces unexpected chances and experiences unfamiliar yet meaningful events that shape his development.

Sex in Strange Places 2016

In this investigative series, Stacey Dooley travels to Turkey, Russia and Brazil to meet young people who are trading on their looks and sexuality for a living.

Scariest Places on Earth 2000

Scariest Places on Earth is an American paranormal documentary reality television series that originally aired from October 23, 2000 to October 29, 2006. The program was produced by Triage Entertainment for the Fox Family Channel, which is now ABC Family and owns the rights to the show. The show featured reported cases of the paranormal by sending an ordinary family to visit the location in a reality TV-style vigil.

Asia – Secret Lives, Hidden Places 2013

Behind the veil of tourism in Asia’s most stunning National Parks people and animals share the same backyard. Unlike protected areas in North America and Europe, the diverse endangered habitats of Asia are almost always home to people as well as wildlife. This series explores how people and animals live and survive together. Meet gentle Shinto people who have learned how to live in the shadow of an active volcano, a tribal man who cares for orphan elephants by day while wild elephants threaten his village every night and see how the spirits of a tropical island off Borneo stopped a local Imam from cutting down the rainforest. One-horned rhinoceroses, Asiatic elephants, Guizhou golden monkeys and a cast of other wildlife characters fill the lands of Asia from the flood plains of India to the granite peaks of China’s holy mountains. The result is a fusion of great stories, engaging characters and rare and threatened wildlife against a backdrop of drama and beauty.

Most Terrifying Places in America

Most Terrifying Places in America is an American paranormal documentary television series that premiered on October 9, 2009 on the Travel Channel as a stand alone special. This special was then broken down into a parted series. The series is exactly what its title implies, traveling the country in search of the "most terrifying places in America". Each episode or special features the legends and stories of several different haunted locations throughout America.

Places That Don't Exist

Holidays in the Danger Zone: Places That Don't Exist is a five-part BBC Four series on breakaway states and unrecognised nations, devised, written and presented by Simon Reeve. The series producer was Will Daws. The producer was Iain Overton. The series took the team to little-known parts of the world including Somaliland, recognised as part of Somalia; Transnistria of Moldova; Taiwan; Nagorno-Karabakh of Azerbaijan; Ajaria, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia, all recognized by the United Kingdom as parts of Georgia. The series was broadcast on BBC Two in May 2005. ⁕Episode 1: Somaliland ⁕Episode 2: Trans-Dniester ⁕Episode 3: Taiwan ⁕Episode 4: South Ossetia and Abkhazia ⁕Episode 5: Nagorno-Karabakh For the list and information about de facto independent unrecognised states or states with limited recognition, see list of states with limited recognition. The programme and its team were awarded a One World Award in June 2005 for best popular feature.

Gary Spetze's Painting Wild Places

Gary Spetze's Painting Wild Places is a watercolor painting television series hosted by Gary Spetze which debuted in 2004. The series, similar in format to The Joy of Painting is distributed by American Public Television to select PBS-member stations.

Big Angry Fish

PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish is a New Zealand fishing television show hosted by Milan Radonich. The programme began airing onwards from the end of April 2012, with thirteen episodes screening weekly on Sundays on TV3. A second season began at the end of July 2013.

Still Standing 2015

Comedian Jonny Harris explores small towns on the ropes, performs stand-up shows for the locals who’ve stuck it out, and proves that Canadians know how to laugh at themselves.

Al Fondo Hay Sitio

Al fondo hay sitio is a Peruvian TV series created in 2008-2009 by Efraín Aguilar. It deals with the problems of social differences and economic status. It's one of the most popular shows in Peru and is now being shown in Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

That's Australia

Looks at different aspects of Australian life, from country to city, from historical to contemporary, and from amusing to serious.

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