Conte de la grand-mère et rêve de l'enfant 1908

The film begins with a grandmother reading a story to a small child before tucking him or her into bed (it's a bit difficult to tell which the tot is). No sooner has the mite fallen asleep than s/he begins dreaming of an angel standing over his/her bed and whisking him/her off to a land of giant toys. The kid wanders around for a bit before being led away by a lady who takes him/her to a jungle or forest where other young ladies dressed as butterflies dance around a bit.

Grandma's Encyclopaedia 1963

A short film by Walerian Borowczyk. This first volume looks at the first three letters in Grandma's encyclopaedia: A for 'Automobile', B for 'Ballon', and C for 'Chemin de fer'.

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