The Queen's Mother in Law

[DOC] The story of Prince Philip's mother, who fled revolution in Greece, was experimented on by Sigmund Freud, hid Jews from the Nazis, gave all her possessions away, and founded her own religious order.

Black Mother Black Daughter 1989

Black Mother Black Daughter explores the lives and experiences of black women in Nova Scotia, their contributions to the home, the church and the community and the strengths they pass on to their daughters.

Mother's Love 1983

After being falsely accused of adultery, Mi-sun's mother leaves home and her father remarries. The new stepmother abuses Mi-sun and her younger siblings and, when their father dies, she leaves home with her new lover. Mi-sun struggles to feed her brothers and sisters but eventually begins a quest to find their mother.

Mother's Day 1970

A singular cinematic figure, San Francisco’s Mike Henderson became one of the first independent African-American artists to make inroads into experimental filmmaking in the 1960s. Henderson’s work throughout the 1970s and 1980s, from which this program of 16mm films is culled, thrums with a sociopolitical, humorous sensibility that lends his small-scale, often musically kissed portraits (which he later dubbed “blues cinema”) a personal, artisanal quality. - Film Society of Lincoln Center

Serpent Mother 1985

Serpent Mother is about devotion to the Goddess of Snakes and the importance of divine female power in West Bengal Indian life. The film's focus is the Jhapan Festival, the great celebration of snakes. Shown are festival preparations, the role of traditional arts and crafts in the worship of the Goddess, devotional singing, and an exposition of ritual action. The difficult and complex symbolism of the ritual is explained by the participants themselves. In addition to the commentary, this makes accessible what is, at first glance, exotic and inexplicable behavior.

Mother Ireland 1988

This film explores the development and use of images and music which personify Ireland as a woman in Irish culture and nationalism. The film highlights how these cultural and stereotypical images of Ireland as a woman influence the idealised model of woman demanded by Irish society. It uses historical film, photographs, political drawings, cartoons and music to explore the largely unrecorded role of women in Irish history and presents realistic images of Irish women at work today.

The Mother Show 1991

Produced by Tom Rubnitz in collaboration with Tom Koken and Barbara Lipp, The Mother Show is a tribute to mothers everywhere, starring Frieda, the “living” doll. Frieda asks her mother a series of questions, such as “Mom, are there days when you feel not-so-fresh?” and spells out the meaning of the word “mother.” The tape ends with her endearing pronouncement, “Mom, you’re like a mother to me.”

Mother 1979

A slice of life of the Roma nomads, dedicated to their festivity called St. George's Day (May 6).

Ghoulish Ghost Mother 1990

A young woman and her undead mother (who's actually a "Phi Pop" ghost) take on some greedy real estate developers who will stop at nothing to get their land. There's death, an exorcism, a possession and some tasteless comedy in this low-budget B movie.

The Revolt of Mother

Father is going to build a new barn. Mother (Academy Award nominee Amy Madigan) wants the new house she's been promised. A simple story, yet one that reveals so much about love and respect and the often difficult times between those who strive and work to build a life together. Set against the beautiful rustic backdrop of farming life in 1890 New England, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman's poignant story brings us two hard-working people of the land. Sometimes the most difficult thing to see may be the needs of those who are closest to you.

My Mother Her Daughter

After a violent death in the family, a teenage girl struggles to reconnect with her increasingly distant mother before she loses her too.


the story of two sisters who live alone in Yazd. One of them has abandoned her love and the other has been abandoned by hers.

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