Rock Legends (The Best Of 50's 60's 70's From The Ed Sullivan's Show) VOL. 2

1. The Doors - 2. Steppenwolf (x2) - 3.The Temptations - 4. Vanilla Fudge - 5. The Beatles - 6. The Bee Gees -7. The Byrds - 8. Creedence Clearwater Revival - 9. The Temptations (x2) - 10. Young Rascals - 11. The Turtles - 12. Spanky & Our Gang - 13. The 5th Dimension - 14. Young Rascals - 15. Oliver - 16. The Beach Boys.

Rock Legends (The Best Of 50's 60's 70's From The Ed Sullivan's Show) VOL. 5

1. The Supremes - 2. The Jackson Five - 3. Four Tops - 4. The Righteous Bros - 5. The Temptations - 6.The Beatles - 7. The Rolling Stones - 8. Herman's Hermits - 9. The Animals - 10. Gerry & The Pacemakers - 11. Cliff Richard - 12. Freddie & The Dreamers - 13.Jackie Wilson - 14. Marvin Gaye - 15. The Supremes - 16.The 5th Dimension - 17. The Temptations.

True Stories of Love, Life, Death and Sometimes Revolution Subscribe Now €5 a month

It never occurred to Syrian filmmaker Nidal Hassan and Lilibeth Rasmussen (Danish artist) that the day of their arrival to Damascus - March 16, 2011 - would be the day preceding the announcement of the uprising in Syria. Between Damascus, Sweida and Ein Al Arab, the film tries to gather details of stories of absent women and other women who would present their own testimonies about themselves and about love, life, death and sometimes about the revolution. Difficult months go by, friends disappear unwillingly in jails, and friends leave forcefully… and a longing to freedom, dignity and justice for which Syrians have conferred a lot of blood. Nidal moves around with his camera in attempt to record Syrians' daily journals subjected to pain, oppression, blood and hope. Between Damascus and Copenhagen, two filmmakers from two different cultures try to tell real stories of love, life and death in the age of the revolution.

5:45 AM

A Lynchian dream-scape over dinner, a car wreck and a night.

Weather Diary 5 1989

A man and a hotel room. One of the best of the series.

Aspects of Kirkwall No. 5: The Look of the Place 1981

A tour around Kirkwall, covering the years 1969 - 1976. Places featured include St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall harbour, Victoria St, Broad St, Kirkwall Grammar School (at School Place), dumping in the Peedie Sea.

Roy Rogers with Dale Evans: Vol. 5

Popular TV cowpoke Roy Rogers and wife Dale Evans ride again in four episodes from "The Roy Rogers Show," including "Phantom Rustlers," in which Roy must expose a ring of cattle thieves who use trucks to make off with their booty. This collection also includes "High Stakes," "Ghost Gulch" and "Shoot to Kill" (aka "Pat Brady, Outlaw"), in which Dale takes a stagecoach with a photographer who persuades Pat Brady to pose as a bandit for the camera.

Oh! Moro Volume 5 1992

Kansai New Art Video Magazine - Noise Collection. Rare noise compilation of some of Japan's top musicians in 1992. Aube playing a parking garage installation using halogen lamps as sound source, Merzbow playing a small village in Korea as the townspeople look on bewildered, Incapacitants Live in the Mountains of Tajima, Japan. The first part includes an interview about the Japanese Noise scene by David Hopkins.

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