Varg Veum - Woman in the Fridge 2008

An international oil drilling company hires private investigator Varg Veum to find their missing systems designer, Arne Samuelsen. Varg discovers the headless body of a woman jammed into the fridge in Arne's apartment - and is promptly knocked unconscious. When he wakes up the body is gone and the Police has arrived.

Women Unchained 1974

They will do anything to get to Mexico... and freedom. From the moment the riot started and the guard is killed, there's no going back for the women of Cell Block 3. The eruption of violence following their escape leaves a trail of death and destruction for those who try to stand in their way!

Bushido 1965

The fifth and final installment with the build up of the epic battle between Sasaki Kojiro and Miyamoto Musashi. With all the familiar characters making appearances: Otsu (Musashi's great love), Akemi, Matahachi (his former fellow soldier), old lady Osugi (still doggedly trying to defeat Musashi), and even the return of Priest Takuan (the man responsible for his journey towards enlightenment). But most of all, the boastful, long-haired and long-sworded Sasaki Kojiro.

Don Carlo 2010

Family jealousy, threat of rebellion, political back-stabbing and the Inquisition weigh heavy on the court of King Phillip II. The tension finally ignites at the King's coronation, where a number of heretics are to be burnt at the stake.

The Losers 1970

Some bikers are hired by the CIA during the Vietnam War to rescue a captured agent from the clutches of the Red Chinese army. After a round of drinking, fighting, and whoring around, the cycle gang, led by Big Bill Smith, fix up their Yamahas with machine guns, grenades and armor plating, and storm the enemy camp.

Adventure of Shaolin 1976

Shaolin and Wu Tang join forces to combat the evil White-Haired Priest using the five elements of kung fu. From this emerges what will become the style known as Tai Chi Chuan from its founder, Chang Shen Fong. See real training, such as the hall of wooden men. Witness the united strength of the Shaolin Monks as they help Chang Shen Fong against White-Haired Priest. See the Three Snake Fists, Black Palm Poison, and other styles for the first time! Jewels from the Wu.

The Absent-Minded Professor 1988

Henry Crawford is the titular absent-minded professor busy at work in his laboratory. He has a girlfriend, but she is getting frustrated at his repeatedly missing their dates and spending more time with his experiments than with her. One day, Prof. Crawford makes an incredible discovery a form of rubber that defies gravity with each bounce, which he names Flubber. Hopefully, with this invention Crawford can prove to his love that he's not just a hopeless loser stuck doing dead-end research.

Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island 1936

A 14-episode serial in which Mala, a Polynesian in the employ of U.S. Intelligence investigates sabotage on Clipper Island. A gang of spies causes the eruption of a volcano, for which our hero is blamed. He convinces the local Princess Melani of his innocence and helps her ward off a takeover by rival high priest Porotu.

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