Daredevil 2003

He dwells in a world of eternal night, but the blackness is filled with sounds and scents, tastes and textures that most cannot perceive. Although attorney Matt Murdock is blind, his other four senses function with superhuman sharpness. By day, Murdock represents the downtrodden. At night he is Daredevil, a masked vigilante stalking the dark streets of the city, a relentless avenger of justice.

The Daredevil 1972

In this action movie, a top stock-car driver causes a death on the race track and finds his career in shambles. Desperate for money, he gets a job as a driver for a drug ring.

Daredevil Droopy 1951

Droopy and Spike are applying for the job of Dare Devil Dog at the Circus, and the one who give the best performance in a variety of "feats of strength and daring" will get it.

Daredevil Drivers 1938

To spite his girlfriend (Beverly Roberts), the owner of a successful bus company, an auto racer (Dick Purcell) goes to work for her rival.

Daredevil in the Castle 1961

During the raging war between the Toyotomi and Tokugawa clans, the swordsman Mohei (whose family has been completely decimated) is recruited by Toyotomi to overcome the seat of power, Osaka Castle. Mohei's daredevil skills will be put to severe tests.

The Dare-Devil 1923

The movie makers are filming the next installment of the western serial, "Get Your Man". The movie's leading man wants his stunt double to do the next dangerous stunt. Purely by accident, a hapless, cross-eyed aspiring actor named Joe Magee ends up doing the stunt perfectly. He ends up doing dangerous stunt after stunt, all by accident, that fit the movie so perfectly that the movie's leading lady wants him in the picture. The exasperated director finds that getting Joe to do the stunts on command is an entirely different story.

Daredevils of the Red Circle 1939

Escaped Prisoner 39013 impersonates the rich and influential Horace Granville, allowing him to create a variety of disasters. Fortunately, he is thwarted repeatedly by three daring circus daredevils.

The Daredevils 1979

The General's son Yang escapes a massacre at his home that subsequently sees a corrupt, criminal syndicate in charge of the local forces. Seeking shelter with four good friends who are street performers, Yang plots his revenge though refuses to acknowledge the fearsome odds he faces. The quartet try to convince him to bide his time, but the young avenger sneaks into his former home and, after a battle against a few top fighters, is killed by their leader. When Yang's friends discover his tragic fate, they devise a way of defeating the killers without having to face their mighty army directly.

Mabel at the Wheel 1914

Charlie, competing with his rival's race car, offers Mabel a ride on his motorcycle but drops her in a puddle. He also kidnaps his rival before the race. But Mabel decides to take the wheels in his place, thus causing a threat to Charlie. As the race progresses, despite a very late start, Mabel manages to gain a lead of three laps. Charlie with his henchmen, tries to sabotage the race by using oil and bombs on the track. They seem to succeed for a while, but their dirty tricks were not enough to stop the high-spirited Mabel from winning the race.

The Magnificent Dare Devil 1973

A race-car driver must elude the police and two rival criminal organizations as he tries to locate a suitcase full of heroin and absolve himself of murder.

Daredevils 2013

A portrait of risk and language, the experimental narrative Daredevils, presents a writer as she interviews a well-known artist and feels the reverberations of their discussion throughout her day. Visually spare, still and verbose the video constructs a metaphor of an artist’s life and work as daredevilry. –S.B.

Filmens Vovehals 1923

A fun Danish comedy short silent about a "Daredevil of the Movies".

Marvel's Daredevil 2015

Lawyer-by-day Matt Murdock uses his heightened senses from being blinded as a young boy to fight crime at night on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen as Daredevil.

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