The Pickwick Papers 1913

The Pickwick Papers, directed by Laurence Trimble, appeared in 1913. This silent three-reel adaptation of Charles Dickens's first novel starred the American comedian John Bunny, who was very popular in his day but is now almost completely forgotten, and was filmed mainly on location in England.

Max and Ruby - Rubys Pajama Party

Max and Ruby is the adventures of two little bunnies, 3 year old Max and 7 year old Ruby, as they try to get along in day-to-day life.

Party Time with Bear & Friends

Let your child learn, explore and have fun with this award-winning series. Celebrate good times with Bear and all his friends in three party-hearty episodes that teach sharing, encourage self-expression through movement, and reinforce the value of friendship. In "Mouse Party," everyone gets busy preparing for Tutter's surprise birthday, complete with presents and cake, too. A day of peaceful relaxation turns upside down at "Bear's Birthday Bash," and with a few lessons, Tutter's pals have him "Dancin' The Day Away," in this celebration of friendship and caring, bursting at the seams with six sing-along songs!

The Party's Over 1977

14 year old Freddy fails at livening the party with wine.

The Birthday Party 1977

This lyrical psychological film is about true friendship. The characters in the film are contemporaries in of late 1970s Azerbaijan SSR with differing visions of the world, yet sharing true and lasting friendship.

Happy Mondays: Party At G-Mex 25.3.90 1990

Brilliant vhs video from the legendary group, The Happy Mondays includes to hits includes: 'rave On', 'step On', 'tart Tart', 'god's Cop', 'do It Better' and 'wrote For Luck', Plus more

Party Crashers

An engaging look at the grass-roots movement that indelibly changed the landscape of American conservatism, Party crashers offers a clear and balanced chronicle of the rise of The Tea Party. Founding members recount the movement's beginnings and how the resonance of a viral video and the power of social media led to the explosive growth of the first conservative protest movement of the internet age. Also interviewed: Sen. Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi, the late Andrew Breitbart, Stephen Baldwin, and authors Prof. Christopher Parker and Prof. Thaddeus Russell among others. The film also takes an in-depth look at the criticisms and controversies surrounding the movement.

DILATED PEOPLES - The Release Party

The Release Party is a DVD documentary looking back at the trials and tribulations of Dilated Peoples, an underground rap sensation that languished on a major label for several years despite showing so much promise as an independent act that they had their pick of major-label offers from which to choose. In a way, the film is a celebration of Dilated Peoples' long-awaited return to the underground circa 2007, the title referencing the group's release from their contract with Capitol Records. Anyone who is a fan of the group -- or simply a fan of hip-hop, for that matter -- will find much to appreciate here. The film is directed by Jason Goldwatch, a longtime friend of the group who interweaves home-video footage with

Hunting Party

Five friends go out for the best night of their lives and their last together. To hunt for love, cheap drinks and salvation.

Drink Drive Office Party

The Xmas office party was as boozy in 1964 as any today, but it was another three years before drink drive laws were introduced. This photo montage film was shot in the producers' offices, and prominently features their head of advertising. More alarming is the final message which, while avoiding the shock tactics of later campaigns, suggests that women are to blame when men drink and drive!

Aaron Carter: Aaron's Party... Live in Concert!

Aaron Carter - the 13 year-old Little Prince of Pop is back and better than ever in his first live concert video. Aaron's Party... Live In Concert! features sizzling live performances of now-classic Aaron Carter songs from Aaron's Double-Platinum Jive debut album, Aaron's Party (Come Get It), plus the previously unreleased nugget, "One For The Summer." Aaron's Party... Live In Concert! is Aaron's version of what he'd do if he could throw a party for all his fans around the world. Come join in the celebration!

The Biggest Tailgate Party in Mississippi

Real Estate Developer Blake Tartt III, a graduate of the University of Mississippi, decides to throw a party to show his Texas business partners how tailgating is done at The Grove. The event becomes a recreation of his college days, with an escalating guest list, until it is the largest tailgate party in Mississippi.

Lava Party Light Show

Get the rave going with this groove-setting, continuous-play party video that turns the entire room into a giant lava lamp. Burbling lava lamp visuals are rhythmically matched to a soundtrack of the hippest trance/dance tunes. Your guests won't be able to resist grooving to the hypnotic beats, bubbling shapes and groovy colors. The light show displays at optimum on larger screens.

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