Een kinderfeest op het eiland Marken 1899

In September of 1899, the French cameraman Emile Lauste visited the Netherlands for the second time that year. [...] One of the subjects that Lauste briefly filmed was children on the island of Marken. We see the children passing by in a rowboat, and dancing in a circle. The traditional costumes and the watery environment looked very exotic to foreign audiences. The footage jibed very well with the perceptions that people had of the Netherlands in those days.

Pura Vida Ibiza 2004

School's over – and for brand-new high-school graduates Ben, Felix and Nick, it's time to party! But when Ben embarrasses himself in public trying to declare his love for the gorgeous Carola, he and his pals make a quick exit by taking jobs as hosts in a vacation club on Ibiza, the Mediterranean hot spot for oversexed boys and underdressed girls! Instead of sun, sea and sex, however, it's work, work and more work, as the three are kept busy around the clock by their sadistic boss Anna. And when Ben bumps into Carola and her super-cool DJ boyfriend, Ibiza starts feeling more like Alcatraz by the minute. Yet even as the mishaps pile up and the boys have to cope with stinging jellyfish, English hooligans and tequila hangovers, they refuse to give up their plan to throw the ultimate Ibiza party for the club, and especially for Carola. Summer is short, but these guys are going to make sure everyone remembers this one for a long time!

Madhouse 1981

Julia (Trish Everly, in her only film role), a young teacher for deaf children living in Savannah, Georgia. Julia has horrid memories of her childhood, which was scarred by her sadistic twin sister Mary (Allison Biggers). At the urging of her uncle, Father James, Julia visits Mary, suffering from a severe skin disease, in a mental institution. The meet does not go well, and Mary vows to make Julia "suffer as she had suffered". As their mutual birthday approaches, several of Julia's friends and neighbors begin to die gruesome deaths, some of which committed by a mysterious Rottweiler dog that has some sort of connection to Mary. But is Mary really the killer?

Soft Beds, Hard Battles 1974

In this comedy, set during the Nazi occupation of France, Peter Sellers plays most major male parts, so he stars in nearly every scene, always bumbling in inspector Clouseau-style. As British Major Robinson he is hidden in Madame Grenier's Parisian brothel, right under the nose of the Nazi clients, such as Gestapo agent Herr Schroeder (again him). As Général Latour he leads the French resistance, which includes the brothel madam -made a colonel in charge of her sexy 'troops'- and a priest, and is joined by young US diplomat Alan Cassidy. As Japanese imperial Prince Kyoto he becomes a target for the resistance in a monastery on his way to Hitler (again him). At the end he decorates the heroes as French president. Written by KGF Vissers

Sweet Savior 1971

Sandra Barlow is a 70's girl looking for kicks in the form of sex and drugs. One day, she decides to have an orgy drug party and invite some "freaks" led by Moon to entertain her and her rich friends. Moon has other things in mind as his friends are looking for an orgy of sex and gore.

Blood Beach 1980

Something or someone is attacking people one by one on the beach. Some of them are mutilated, but most of them are sucked into the sand, disappearing without a trace. What is the creature responsible? Where does it live, and where did it come from? And is there any chance of it reproducing? Meanwhile, David Huffman and Mariana Hill are once-almost-married old friends, reunited over the death of her mother on the beach, and searching for clues in the abandoned buildings where they used to play when they were young.

Female Vampire 1975

Countess Irina of Karlstein resides quietly in a hotel on the island of Madeira, where she sustains her immortality by feeding on the life essence of men and women. When new victims are found fatally drained of potency, forensic scientist Dr. Roberts consults his colleague, Dr. Orloff, who confirms that a vampire is responsible. Meanwhile, Irina is confronted by a poet who believes he is destined to become her lover and join her among the immortals!

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