Happy Mondays: Party At G-Mex 25.3.90 1990

Brilliant vhs video from the legendary group, The Happy Mondays includes to hits includes: 'rave On', 'step On', 'tart Tart', 'god's Cop', 'do It Better' and 'wrote For Luck', Plus more

Bloc Party: Live From Terminal 5 in NYC

Bloc Party live at Terminal 5 - 8/7/12 S Setlist: So He Begins To Lie Mercury Hunting for Witches Positive Tension Kettling Song for Clay (Disappear Here) (Tenderoni intro) Banquet Real Talk One More Chance This Modern Love Like Eating Glass Encore 1: Truth Ares The Prayer Helicopter Encore 2: Octopus Flux (We Found Love intro)

Garden Party Massacre

A gathering of friends goes awry when an uninvited guest appears. With a pickax. And an attitude.

Hunting Party

Five friends go out for the best night of their lives and their last together. To hunt for love, cheap drinks and salvation.

Barbie Birthday Party 1994

A promotional video celebrating the 1994 Barbie Show at Epcot and various Barbie products.

The Birthday Party 1993

A queer girl’s fantasy of the best birthday party a mother could give. Being queer, the “sweet sixteen” character has only two girlfriends to invite to her party: one is the daughter of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the other a precocious slut. The party is depicted primarily in long shots in a 1960s home-movie style. The mother is a hippie (played by a drag queen) who believes in free love, communal living and crazy parties. She has her boyfriend serve cake to the girls and brings in a male dancer and a female sex worker to entertain them.

Party Up

Artak, a waiter in a small coffee house in Yerevan has huge depths to local criminal authority. Suddenly an old customer of the café falls down in a heart attack and before he dies, tells Artak about treasures hidden in his house.

The Biggest Tailgate Party in Mississippi

Real Estate Developer Blake Tartt III, a graduate of the University of Mississippi, decides to throw a party to show his Texas business partners how tailgating is done at The Grove. The event becomes a recreation of his college days, with an escalating guest list, until it is the largest tailgate party in Mississippi.

Turbo Jam: Cardio Party Mix 1

Get ready to shed pounds and inches, and have a blast doing it! Chalene Johnson has created a fusion workout of kickboxing, dance, and martial arts. This high-energy, calorie-blasting workout combines the hottest dance tunes with body-slimming and sculpting moves. Once the music starts, you won't want to stop! Turbo Jam is not just a workout; it's a dance party that delivers Turbo results that will keep you coming back for more!

Turbo Jam: Cardio Party Mix 2

Burn fat and sculpt your body from head to toe with this high-energy workout that features great tunes and cool moves. Join Charlene and her turbo team for a party that will have the pounds and inches melting off in no time!

The Party: Nature Morte

The eponymous party is hosted by Queenie and Burrs, long-term lovers who are rapidly growing apart.

Drink Drive Office Party

The Xmas office party was as boozy in 1964 as any today, but it was another three years before drink drive laws were introduced. This photo montage film was shot in the producers' offices, and prominently features their head of advertising. More alarming is the final message which, while avoiding the shock tactics of later campaigns, suggests that women are to blame when men drink and drive!

Marty Robbins: At Town Hall Party

Influential country music legend Marty Robbins takes the stage of the popular "Town Hall Party" TV series, singing a sample of the many hit songs and beloved fan favorites that made him one of the most popular artists of his time. In addition to his performance of songs such as "I Can't Quit" and "The Story of My Life," Robbins speaks openly about his creative process and influences in a candid interview with host Johnny Bond

Lava Party Light Show

Get the rave going with this groove-setting, continuous-play party video that turns the entire room into a giant lava lamp. Burbling lava lamp visuals are rhythmically matched to a soundtrack of the hippest trance/dance tunes. Your guests won't be able to resist grooving to the hypnotic beats, bubbling shapes and groovy colors. The light show displays at optimum on larger screens.

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