Uppsalakidnappningen 2018

"The Uppsala Kidnapping" - A black comedy centered on the real events of the kidnapping that became a viral phenomenon with millions of live followers. Inspired by actual events occurred in Uppsala during Christmas 2011. In a desperate attempt to solve his economic problems Josef Esfarander, a medical student, plans to kidnap a law student from a wealthy family, assisted by his girlfriend Shirin and a credulous friend from high school. Josef strongly believes he achieved the perfect plan, but contrary to all his expectation the carrying out of the kidnapping becomes a farce.

Matou 2018

The cycle of life, in reverse.

Adulthood 2018

At her dad's funeral, Kyungun meets her uncle Jaemin, a complete stranger. He bilks her father's insurance money. She demands her money back, but he unashamedly refuses. To get her money back, she joins his next scam.

Butterfly Sleep 2017

Ryoko Matsumura is a popular writer in her 50's. She also knows that she has Alzheimer’s. Ryoko Matsumura begins to teach at a university. She meets a young Korean man in his 20's. They become attracted to each other.

The Man from Mo'Wax 2018

James Lavelle played his first DJ set at 14, launched pioneering record label Mo'Wax at 18 and released the genre defining UNKLE album Psyence Fiction at 22. His phenomenally rapid rise seemed limitless, but it's only when you're going so fast that the wheels fall off. The Man from Mo’Wax tells the remarkable story of one of the most enigmatic yet influential figures in contemporary British culture. Unearthed from over 700 hours of footage including exclusive personal archive spanning three decades, we get the rare opportunity to watch a boy become a man in the world of music. The result is an exhilarating, no holds-barred ride into the life of an extraordinary man and an equally extraordinary era, taking in some decidedly flawed decision-making (both personal and professional), Lavelle emerges as an innovative artist who thinks big and consistently overcomes adversity.

Sesat 2018

After Amara's father died, Amara went to a wishing well and wish that she can talk to her father one last time. But everything went wrong.

Falling for Figaro 2018

Fund manager Mimi is about to settle down with her unimaginative boyfriend when she pleads for a year off to try to win a contest that would launch her operatic career. Alas, the only recognised coach who will take her on lives in the remote Scottish Highlands.

No Safe Spaces 2018

Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager examine the reality of life and discourse on college campuses in modern America.

Frankenstein's Creature 2018

Imagine if David Lynch made plays instead of films, that's FRANKENSTEIN’S CREATURE. You've never seen anything like it.

The Wild Boys 2018

The debut feature from Bertrand Mandico tells the tale of five adolescent boys (all played by actresses) enamored by the arts, but drawn to crime and transgression. After a brutal crime committed by the group and aided by TREVOR – a deity of chaos they can’t control – they’re punished to board a boat with a captain hell-bent on taming their ferocious appetites. After arriving on a lush island with dangers and pleasures abound the boys start to transform in both mind and body. Shot in gorgeous 16mm and brimming with eroticism, genderfluidity, and humor, THE WILD BOYS will take you on journey you won’t soon forget.

The Lease 2018

A family moves into a haunted villa where all kinds of supernatural events start to occur.

Tailpiece 2018

Embracing the moment when a lifechanging decision is made. Pouring of feelings that bring all your demons to the surface, and never leave you till you gather all your senses and take the leap. Tailpiece, is the part a writer adds to the end of a story... the part you add to an end of a life cycle.

Deep 2018

Bohol Island, Philippines, captivates tourists and divers worldwide with its beautiful scenery and deep-sea mystery. One day, friends who knew in Seoul visit a man who works as a freediving instructor in Bohol.

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