Anna Karenina

An epic story of love.
Anna Karenina
Trapped in a loveless marriage, aristocrat Anna Karenina enters into a life-changing affair with the affluent Count Vronsky.
Title Anna Karenina
Release Date 2012-09-06
Genres Drama Romance
Production Companies Working Title Films, Universal Pictures, Focus Features
Production Countries France, United Kingdom


Kenneth Axel Carlsson
Alright, plot-wise, I might just have to throw in the towel on this one. It is about... people, married, unmarried, love and desire. A lot of characters running in and out of eachothers lives. Since this is based on a famous novel (I think), there must be a lot of summaries out there that can help you along much better than I could. Quite frankly, I was... confused. The whole movie is sort of based at a theater (more or less), where the scenes change constantly. It can be quite spectacular, I must admit, but also... confusing. As a period piece, this movie has paid attention to the details, and everything looks soo good. I can definitely appreciate this, but it seems that all attention has been placed here, on the form. The acting, and actors, fit well here... on the stage. They all act as if they were on a stage, which is fitting. In fact, to be honest, I would have much preferred to see this as a live performance on stage, than here. The story simply drowns in all these costumes and colours, fake trains and stages. _Last words... a good story is more important than anything else. A good story doesn't have to be complicated (just take a look at a movie such as Locke, which is centered around many of the same themes as this). A good story was not important to these people, they just wanted to play around with fancy costumes, beautiful sets and actors who exaggerate. I would surely have skipped this one... had I known._

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