Red Tails

High-Octane Action and Daring Dogfights!
Red Tails
The story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American pilots to fly in a combat squadron during World War II.
Title Red Tails
Release Date 2012-01-19
Genres Drama Action Adventure History War
Production Companies Lucasfilm, Partnership Pictures
Production Countries United States of America


Per Gunnar Jonsson
I have to say that I was a wee bit disappointed in this movie. I felt it was surprisingly mediocre and very “Hollywood”. The good parts are the flight scenes and the special effects. They are enjoyable to watch and reasonably well done. However, that is pretty much what makes up this movie in terms of enjoyment. I would say that a lot of it is not very realistic. The German anti-aircraft guns seems to be next to useless most of the time for instance. Also, there is the scene where a single P51, armed with nothing but machine guns, takes out an armed German warship in two quick runs. That felt quite unrealistic. A lot of the film also felt too much like some Hollywood drama. Some of the pilots behave like morons and in real life they would have been shot down rather quickly. The alcohol problems and the romance seems to have been thrown in just to appeal to the American soap-opera viewers. The entire movie is very shallow and if it was not for the budget and special effects it could very well have been a TV-movie. Most of this movie I was yawning in my seat and waking up only when the flight action started so that I could watch the special effects.

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