Criminal Activities

Leave the crime to the criminals
Criminal Activities
Four young men make a risky investment together that puts them in trouble with the mob.


Although listed as a drama thriller this is really more of a dark comedy than anything else, a bit in the veins of _'SUICIDE KINGS (1997)'_ albeit not quite as good (but that would be asking a bit much from it tbh). Initially it feels like the editor was a little quick on the trigger to squeeze in the film with a 90 minute timeline but eventually it finds it's pace. It does have it's share of logical loopholes but still entertaining for sure. John Travolta takes up the biggest space on the poster but that is merely due to the fact that he's the most famous person in it, his role is important but there are at least 5 people with more screen-time than him. Michael Pitt is what drew me to this movie the most but I must say that Dan Stevens and Edi Gathegi outshone him in this. If you're looking for a dark comedy about some not so brilliant criminals you could do alot worse than this.

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