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The Finest Hours

32 survivors, room for 12.
The Finest Hours
The Coast Guard makes a daring rescue attempt off the coast of Cape Cod after a pair of oil tankers are destroyed during a blizzard in 1952.
Title The Finest Hours
Release Date 2016-01-25
Genres Action Drama History Thriller
Production Companies Red Hawk Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, Whitaker Entertainment, Bergsten Music
Production Countries United States of America


> A very much acceptable film that inspired by a real event except long pauses and too much ineffective sentiment. A disaster drama-thriller based on the true account of the 1952. So much better film than I anticipated. But there are a few things I did not like; like the frequent pauses in the narration where nothing really happens other that space given for the emotional background score to pull the viewers in. In a result, it did not work, definitely not for me. Yeah, in the many important scenes, it froze like it happens in the chess games before anybody move their pawn. In the crucial part of the narration, when the boat was overcrowded, there was an unnecessary pause which annoyed me. It was surely a remarkable segment of the story, but sentimentally failed to appeal or maybe you can call it a too much of the sentiment. Honestly, I liked the story, but the film exceeded its runtime to slow down the portrayal of the event which is surely a drawback than any kind of benefit. I loved the performances, everybody was good and so the CGI, which was not a top notch yet acceptable. Especially as it takes place in the dark time, they had the advantage to depict the atmosphere as much as close to how it would have looked 65 years ago and as well to avoid the errors. I never saw its trailer or the teaser, but I knew about this project and after seeing its posters I though it would be about the offshore oil rig. When I saw the film, I realised I was wrong and surprise do such thing happen in real. The film was also did not let my interest fall. Thanks to the director who always try different genre yet he's not a mega budget filmmaker. A good film, but like I said should have been even better. Especially should have out classed in the sentimental segments. I don't know how good was the digital 3D version of it, but still this regular version is worth to give it a shot. 7½/10
First and foremost this film reminds me of Hacksaw Ridge, second and no less important it's just as good as the afore mentioned film in the sense that the main character is just as law-bound as the religious lad in Hacksaw going about his day saving people's lives in the middle of a hurricane, ergo in The Finest Hour's case while on sea - with a life-guard boat, just as feature-some as the soldier saving soldiers in the middle of a war without shooting a f#cking gun! And, supposedly, this happened in real life! #OhLordy that was a good watch.

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