The border is just another line to cross.
An idealistic FBI agent is enlisted by a government task force to aid in the escalating war against drugs at the border area between the U.S. and Mexico.
Title Sicario
Release Date 2015-09-17
Genres Action Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
Production Companies Lionsgate, Thunder Road Pictures, Black Label Media
Production Countries United States of America


> One of the finest movie about the raids on cartel gangs. This was really a great film. Fighting against the drug trafficking was the theme. The story of an FBI agent who was recruited to work in an elite force that no one knows its existence. Their's aim is to tackle the main source, instead to deal with its lower order. Something that impossible to do without international cooperation. Every raid is done in secretively, sometime if required at any cost in whatever effort to stop it. Like I said, this was an awesome movie, and good to see it after the documentary like 'Cartel Land'. The story is kind of hard to detail it out, because it was more an action movie than the talking. How a special force unit goes after the bad guys and stops them is the main plot. But the characters were so distinctive, every main roles had their own agenda for what they are doing and that's how the narration dominated with the high standards. The cast who played them were simply outstanding, including that starts with Emily Blunt, who is someone looks changed the attitude to play physically challenging roles after 'Edge of Tomorrow'. And then Josh Brolin and another one, an upcoming young British actor who I really don't know, but Benicio Del Toro was actually the show stealer. His part was unexpectedly great, totally raw and aggressive. Especially the his end scene, no one could have guessed it, but that's how the way it is. No doubt any top actors would have denied to perform that, anyway well shot with minimum violence, but the intention was very clear as fighting against the dark forces to cut off the head first. One of the best movie of the year, so definitely recommended if you're interested. 8½/10
Andres Gomez
An stereotypical plot with, somehow, some interesting addition. The plot is not superb but the script is really good, Del Toro makes a good performance and, as alway, a great pleasure to watch any movie with Emily Blunt on it. Great performance. The directing is also really good and the soundtrack is remarkable, creating quite an atmosphere. Finally, the action scenes are very well done, with a sense of contempt. No fireworks here, just something that can be the closest to reality.
'Sicario' was a really good action film. The acting all around was very good (in particularly Emily Blunt). The set pieces were very well made. ★★★½
Not since the opening farmhouse scene from _Inglourious Barsteds_ have I seen such masterful control of palpable tension. _Final rating: ★★★½ - I strongly recommend you make the time._

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