Your mind is the scene of the crime.
Cobb, a skilled thief who commits corporate espionage by infiltrating the subconscious of his targets is offered a chance to regain his old life as payment for a task considered to be impossible: "inception", the implantation of another person's idea into a target's subconscious.
Title Inception
Release Date 2010-07-14
Genres Action Thriller Science Fiction Mystery Adventure
Production Companies Legendary Entertainment, Syncopy, Warner Bros. Pictures
Production Countries United Kingdom, United States of America


When I first saw the trailer for this film, I knew that this would attract a lot of attention. Of course having Leonardo in the lead role helped a lot. From the trailer, I already know some things. Dreams. All about dreams. But what about dreams? Who are the other people? At first, I didn't really understand what was going on. It was all very confusing to me. But as the movie progresses, I start to understand it and I wanted to watch some more and know more what will happen in the end. The ending. That was, I think, the most intense ending of a movie in a year or probably more than a year. People actually screamed when the screen faded. And of course, people couldn't help but talk about it. It was an open-ended movie where people will have their own endings. My favorite part was Joseph Gordon's fight scene. I think he has the most fun part in this movie. My rate for this movie is A.

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