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This is not a vacation. It's a rescue mission.
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Two oafs must rescue their stranded pal in Mexico.


> In some case, 'friends forever' was mistaken. Being a B movie, it is not that bad. It is eligible for some minor exceptions and if you consider that while watching it, then it does not disappoint much. Yes, there are many similar films like this, but what makes it somewhat special is that it is quite freely explored its contents without stressing out on detailing everything. I meant it was a simple road adventure film and you would feel it very familiar yet you will realise that it is not worth criticing it. The actors were decent, but expected much better. Directed by a newcomer who had written many screenplays similar this theme. Like I said it was quite predictable, at a time decently enjoyable with a few laughs now and then, especially that Mexican police station scene was hilarious. You might get a million reasons to dislike it, but you achieve nothing from it. According to me it was surely a decent watch, hence not a must see, but if you do, then don't take it seriously, try to have fun within its limits. 6/10

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