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Finding Dory

An unforgettable journey she probably won't remember.
Finding Dory
Dory is reunited with her friends Nemo and Marlin in the search for answers about her past. What can she remember? Who are her parents? And where did she learn to speak Whale?
Title Finding Dory
Release Date 2016-06-16
Genres Adventure Animation Comedy Family
Production Companies Pixar
Production Countries United States of America


**Before Nemo, a long ago another child got lost in the open ocean...** Whoa! 200 million dollar film, 1 billion box office collections worldwide. The 27th film to do that so and the 5th animation film. This sequel was made after 13 years, surely a long gab, but 'Finding Nemo' was one of my favourite animations, tell me who does not love it those who love animation. Nevertheless, I liked the idea of having a sequel, but I scared it would go to flop terribly. Now, after watching this, I totally stunned. This is not a greatest animation ever made, but the way the screenplay handled, along with other stuffs, this makes one of the best among its kind. Firstly, when I heard the sequel's title, it made me laugh. Like, whaaaat? Once again the story is going to repeat. I did not think it would bring a big change. Actually, it was a different tale, especially I was not expecting it to be emotional. Tell me how many tearjerker-animation you have seen. Once again the Disney-Pixar jointly did it. I think appreciation must go to the director who also made the original film. Great casting too, I mean the voice- over artists. We know that Dory is severely suffering from the short term remembory (memory) loss. Now this tale is going to reveal her backstory. From her childhood to till she meets Marlin and then Nemo, there was a series of forgotten events. She slowly regains some of those memories and begins her quest to find out more. This is where she gets lost, but the title defines that she was lost before and now looking a way to get back where she really belongs. For me, after 'Frozen', this film is what emotionally got me. The value of having family and friends beautifully disclosed. It might be an animation, but still a meaningful story from many perspectives. Lots of new characters were introduced and those were really cool ones. I expect theirs short animations to make its way about their origins, particularly Hank the octopus and his story about how he lost one of his tentacles. The Oscars is the quarter of a year away, but releasing nominees would come weeks ahead. So it's about time to learn where this one fit in. But I'm anticipating close contest between this, 'Zootopia' and 'Red Turtle'. Coming back to the review, this is a good watch, for everybody, so I highly recommend it. I hope there will be a third film, but like I had felt before this, I desire it and then I'm not sure it would extend its legacy to further. So fingers crossed! _9/10_

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