Sword and Flower 1972

Masuda Toshio film starring Watari Tetsuya and Mori Masayuki, about a lone-wolf type (Watari) seeking love and defending the honor of an elderly widower (Mori).

Scars of Xavier

An introverted car wash attendant lives a secret second life prowling Prague's streets as a serial killer, until he meets a bartender he can't resist.

The Golden Triangle 1975

A coalition of anti-narcotics brigades from many countries make a daring attempt to halt the flow of opium and heroin from the part of Southeast Asia, known as the Golden Triangle. The major syndicate operating in the area is led by Big Boss Norton, who is the target of their raid.

Maha-Sangram 1990

Uttar Pradesh-based Vishal gets a telegram from Santa Cruz Police Station that his younger collegian brother, Arjun, is dead. Distraught he travels to Bombay, collects his brothers ashes, and finds out that Arjun met a violent death. With the aid of a street-smart con-woman and her mentor, Babu Kasai Hyderabadi, he then sets out to find who killed his brother - not knowing that soon he will be drawn into the dark world of Godha and Vishwaraj.

Doramundo 1978

A series of murders begins to haunt Cordilheira, a small town near São Paulo, Brazil. The investigations show there is a love triangle involved.

Shark Operation 1988

This is an action-packed action movie from the tough criminal environment of Hong Kong. Carter plays a tough narcotics cop tracking a syndicate chief suspeced for drug trafficking and trading of counterfeit money. Carter and his team make their way to Malaysia where the drug baron is residing, where the final showdown, after several surprises, reaches its peak. The film is packed with action in all variants.

Impango II 1988

When Mr. Dlamini, a wealthy businessman, and his wife, Gugu, fall victim to a trio of crooks seeking revenge and money, they are forced to flee to their beach house.