Mosley 1998

Jonathan Cake, Jemma Redgrave and Hugh Bonneville lead an outstanding cast in this mini-series tracing the turbulent political career and tempestuous private life of Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists during the 1930s. The mini series charts Mosley's rise to political notoriety through his personal life – from youthful rising star of the Conservative Party to potential leader of the Labour Party, and later abandonment of conventional party politics to become a figurehead of burgeoning fascism.

The Giant 1938

Japanese adaptation of LES MISERABLES. The last film of director Itami took inspiration from Les Miserables. Transpiring during the Southwestern War of 1877 in Japan, which was the last civil war in the country, a criminal escapes prison only to be found by a monk. The criminal decides to turn a new leaf based on their conversation and goes on to become a town's mayor. He hears news of a mistaken arrest and identity. The revelation of truth is the start of a series of miseries.

Shree Ganesh 1962

After giving birth to Bhagwan Shri Kartiyeke, Devi Maa Parvati forms a child-human image from clay, adopts him, and asks him to guard the house and not let anyone in while she bathes. The child refuses to let anyone in, including Bhagwan Shivji himself, who beheads him. When a tearful Parvatiji pleads, Shivji brings the child back to life with the head of an elephant, and names him Gajanand, and assures him that no one will make fun of him.

So Siu Siu 蘇小小 1962

The film opens with a travelogue, showcasing West Lake and the real Mainland Chinese locations used by the film to which only the Left Wing of Hong Kong Cinema had access to at the time. The title character is a young woman raised by her courtesan aunt in the West Lake scenic resort area in Hangzhou. Siu Siu is perused by a local Official, but falls in love with the son of the Prime Minister. They marry, but are separated by the Prime Minister who arranges another marriage for the son. Siu Siu remains at West Lake, where she regretfully uses the desire of the earlier Official to help another of the girls find happiness.

The Hippie Revolution 1996

Back in the stone aged we all went to San Fransisco to escape our parents and the Vietnam war. To laugh, dance and love each other. To make love not war. Music bt Country Joe & The Fish, Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Steve Miller Band and Mother Earth.

The Phantom Lady 1945

The young widow of the viceroy of Peru, facing the dismal prospect of either a convent or a marriage of convenience, sets out to conquer a handsome officer, pretending she’s a duende, a ghost. Voted the best Argentine film of 1945, La dama duende is a beautifully crafted comedy of errors, based on the 17th-century play by Pedro Calderón de la Barca. The most ambitious production of Estudios San Miguel, it was brought to the screen mostly by Spaniards exiled in Argentina as a result of the Civil War.

The Best Secret Agent 1964

During the Sino-Japanese War, Tsui-Ying flees with her father from the Japanese occupation. She meets a young man, Ling-Yun, and falls in love. Yet Tsui-Ying chooses to leave Ling-Yun and marries his uncle, a traitor who serves the Japanese. Out of heartbreak, Ling-Yun leaves the country to study abroad. In the meantime, Special Agent 001 leads the resistance against the Japanese. After Ling-Yun returns to Shanghai from the UK, he is surprised to find out his ex-lover has become the wife of his uncle Chao-Chun. Special Agent 001 continues their sabotage and the identify of the agent finally is revealed. The first Taiwanese-language spy film produced in Taiwan, The Best Secret Agent is a remake of the 1945 movie of the same name that caused a sensation in Shanghai.