The Evil Spirit of Yambuy 1977

The action takes place in the early 1930s. A large-scale land-surveying research is underway in a remote area of Eastern Siberia. The work had almost been concluded when a wire arrives with the news of people disappearing in the locality of Yambuy. The expedition’s chief and radioman decide to go in search of the lost ones. The local Evenk hunters come to their aid. Many dangerous adventures lie in store for these daring people before they find the culprit – a man-eating bear.

Metichara 1988

A story about a friendship between eleven years old Niniko and a dolphin named Metichara.

Cut Throat Struggle For An Invaluable Treasure 1982

In the early days of Republic of China, Buddhist monks from Shanhua Temple of Shanxi Province escort an important Buddhist relic to the Shaolin Temple. On the journey, the treasure is heisted. Wide spread rumors implicates the famous bandit Jing. Jing is a Robin Hood figure roaming the grasslands. To clear his name, Jing with the help of friend “Divine Hand” Zhang start a fierce battle against the real culprit - Captain Mai of the security team.

Good Night Irene 1994

Staffan returns to Svalöv, his childhood town. The visit becomes an odyssey of his memories with his friends Maria and Janne when they grew up in the 1940s. They spent their childhood reading about Indians, building a time machine with the crazy inventor Jöns and they learned how to kiss.

Secret Agent Chungking 001 1970

Taiwanese spy thriller. Agent No 1, a super sleuth from Chungking, is sent to Nanjing to investigate the murder of a Japanese general, which leads to even more intrigue and skullduggery.

Chivalry Deadly Feud 1981

When he was a child, Champ Wang was adopted by a noble man, and as years went by, he fell in love with the man's daughter. After the girl's family was slaughtered, he hid the girl in a secret place and attempted to fine the murderers. During his chase, he killed some great fighters, and their families decide to contract killers in order to get rid of him.

Spooky Kitaro: The All Seeing Eye 1980

Yasui is the president of a large company. After the war, he wandered into the world of evil spirits, where he obtained a hidden treasure "Geomancer's Eye". With the magical power of this treasure Yasui received enormous wealth. But the great miracles have a great price... A retelling of episode 37 from the 1971 TV anime.